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White Bathroom Furniture Collection by Pom d’Or

Pom d’Or, the The spanish language manufacturing make of bathroom furnishings and add-ons, is showing its newest collection “Waterstone” created by the owner of the organization Oriano Faveretto, clearly influenced by the drinking water drop look at. The collection is actually characterized by the minimalist design and a sensuous luxury environment. The beauty of this particular collection is originating through utilizing glossy whitened furniture along with white partitions and flooring which make you are feeling tranquil as well as comfortable… with some stunning touches associated with purple or even black, the appearance is much more delightful. The gathering consists of clean basins, decorative mirrors, wall cupboards and impartial cabinets. Every element was created in a very easy but stylish style. It’s not only looking incredible and luxurious but additionally it’s very useful; wall cupboards are very big, and impartial cabinets possess invisible doorways that conceal behind them sufficient spaces with regard to storage. There’s also a smart chair in the exact same shape as well as color that may be opened from the top, and due to its level, it can be additionally used like a laundry container.

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