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Vol De Nuit Perfume by Guerlain

Jacques Guerlain, was motivated to create Vol P Nuit fragrance within 1933, by Antoine St . Exupery’s second book ‘Night Flight’, & what it bears from adore, romance & secret, which makes the girl feel sexy, having a daring lusty fragrance that’s characterized by it’s powdery & woody scents, which makes the actual fragrance ideal for mid evening romance & extreme occasions that meets such an extreme fragrance. Guerlain’s Vol p Nuit fragrance offers citrusy top information combined with narcissus, bergamot, galbanum & petit feed, then melted with the center notes associated with vanilla, aldehydes, eye, Indonesian carnation, violet, flower & jasmine, then in the base, you’ll discover the spicy & woodsy aromas collected with the information of oakmoss, spices or herbs, sandalwood, musk, & orris root.

Vol P Nuit fragrance is available in two types; Vol de Nuit Draw out that will provide you with the intense fragrance of Vol p Nuit just by a few drops, & it’s available in a smoked cigarettes dark emerald glass container, engraved with a drawing of the airplane side in flight, using its name eliminate in gilded steel & the second type you’ll find is actually Guerlain’s Vol de Nuit eau p toilette, that simply leaves a lasting path, & comes in the actual historic darkish amber “Bee” container that’s engraved using the Emperor’s favorite logo; a constellation associated with 69 bees which symbolizes Napoleon’s kingdom.The perfect scent for drop & cold seasons, as it addresses you along with sexy comfortable blends which spice a person up with regard to evenings.



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