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vitamins and children

Unfortunately, children currently lack to healthy food as well as diversity of Nutritional vitamins, and so in order to look after yourself, the U.Utes Assembly

of Kids . advises parents need to range from the child’s diet Various kinds of vitamins.

so nutritional vitamins and children are 2 sides of a gold coin

Vitamins are split into two types:
1. Nutritional vitamins dissolve in drinking water (a. B. D).
2. Fat-soluble vitamins (The, D, E, Nited kingdom).
Type I harm the heat
Second kind stores the body and cannot be extravagant within eating.

1. Vit a:
Helps growth as well as resistance to infection, and it is very important to consider, pores and skin and bones
Meals that contain it:
Ova – meat — liver – celery – corn — tomatoes – Apricot — Mango – yams.

2. Vitamin B:
This can be a very important vitamin with regard to growth and to enhance the nervous system in children as well as adults.
Foods which contain it:
Meat — liver – sardines — white – Green spinach – Avocado — Dairy – plums – artichoke – clothes.

3. Vitamin C:
Is extremely useful in order to keep the absorption associated with iron in the body in addition to strengthen the defense mechanisms.
Foods that contain this:
Citrus fruits — guava – pepper — Kiwi – spinach — potatoes – clothes.
4. Vitamin Deb:
Consists of this supplement when exposed to the sun’s rays is very important for calcium supplement and phosphorus.
Foods which contain it:
Salmon — Sardine – Tuna — Egg – Whole milk and derivatives

Five. Vitamin E:
Helps the development of red bloodstream cells.
Foods which contain it:
Vegetable natural oils – avocados – walnuts – nuts — walnuts – hammer toe.

finally if you want a wholesome growth for your children feed all of them the important vitamins with regard to babies and in the 2nd stage feed all of them the important vitamins for kids

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