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types of contact lenses

Contact lenses Used to appropriate vision defects, such as:
– Myopia: happens when light entering the attention is focused incorrectly, producing distant objects seem blurred.
– Hyperopia: happens when the light entering the attention is focused behind the actual retina.


– Astigmatism: is an eye defect in which eyesight is blurred because of the inability of the attention to focus an object
Kinds of contact lenses:
– Every day lenses: The percentage of water is about 38%.
— disposable lenses: that replaced daily or even Every two weeks or even every two or even every four several weeks
– permenant lenses: to be used all the time
– Month-to-month lenses: very high area of water
– Toric contacts: for the treatment of astigmatism.
— Bifocal lenses: for the middle-aged individuals with aging eyesight, rather than glasses and range glasses for reading.


Issues with contact lenses:
It is necessary to follow along with the instructions of the eye specialist to make use of of contact lenses correctly so not to result in serious problems as well as eye injuries.
A few of these problems, corneal ulceration, exist in users of contacts for long periods in excess of prescribed for each kind of lenses, for example, that use contact lenses while asleep daily, and stick to the appropriate instructions very carefully.
Estimated risk of ulcerative irritation of the cornea in smokers’ customers of contact lenses is much more than about 3-8 occasions for non-smokers.

Exposure to uv radiation a risk element allied with the blue seas; there are some types of contacts with UV safety.

Cleaning and digesting of lenses:
— Wash hands completely with soap and water, as well as rinse thoroughly prior to handling contact lenses.
— In case of the use of makeup or mascara, it must be positioned on the eye after putting on contact lenses and not to put on them before.
— Must keep eye shut when you use hairspray or Hair More dry.

If you feel haze in vision following placing the zoom lens, make sure of the following:
One – If the zoom lens in place remove them and ensure that it is not oily residue or Makeup.
2 – Might be placed in the wrong attention (left instead of correct or vice versa).
Three – May be the zoom lens upside down, which makes them unpleasant.

Lens care:
— Use a solution from the lenses in favor of effectiveness, and does not use saline answer just because it does not safeguard the lens through bacteria may lead to irritation of the eye.
— Do not wash the actual lenses using plain tap water.

– remove the contacts immediately if you encounter any problem of the subsequent problems:
• itching or even burning or prickling in the eye.
• Sense of a foreign body within the eye.
• A release is normal in the attention.
• Excessive eye inflammation.
• Blurred vision or even the appearance of rainbows or even halos around items.
• Dry eye might occur in case associated with wearing contact lenses on the continuous basis or longer than necessary.

The mentioned symptoms is definitely an indication of a severe condition such as an infection or ulceration of the cornea, so it’s necessary to follow the therapy and to avoid any kind of serious damage to the attention.
– Some medicines, such as on anti-allergy medications and decongestants, and diuretics as well as muscle relaxants, sedatives as well as treatments for diseases as well as dizziness associated with journey, may cause eye dry skin or a growing feeling of the presence of the zoom lens.
– Women who consider oral contraceptives might show changes in eyesight; doctor must be conferred with in this regard.
– Don’t use eye drops throughout the use of contact lenses, and when necessary use the attention drops before while using lens a period of for around half an hour.

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