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tuxedo styles for men

Make sure that the design is suitable and fit so that. Gives you the elegance and comfort at the same time Secret within small details and simple luxury  You only have to look at pictures of U.S. President Barack Obama, he seems in the tuxedo as if he had hired someone introduce him,

. Preferably tuxedo suite with single row and classic neck to look like youth, but the tuxedo suite with dual buttons is most elegant and demand in big events. But if u has broad chest, the suite buttons and a single row is the most suitable


Raw materials, they vary according to the desire of the person and his style and the requirements of its environment. It should be noted here that the English materials remain the best in the winter and cold weather to light-spun method, such as tweed, wool and cashmere, while the Italian materials the best of summer and warm atmosphere.

– Possible to reduce tuxedo official style with young designs to choose light colors, although the advice remain dark, such as indigo blue and gray and dark blue and others.

shiny leather Shoes very suitable with the tuxedo in the evening, and if not available then you replace with classic shoes in good condition – avoid any form of leather belts with tuxedo style», and if you need accessories make you feel safe, you can use elegant props.

To maintain tuxedo:

– Steam cleaning by a specialist once a year only.

– Before you wear it, it is advisable to hang in a very hot bath, because the steam helps to get rid any bacteria stuck cloth. Then, by sponge particular can get rid of anything that is stuck him.-

To maintain the shape of the shoulders, you must choose the appropriate hanger made ​​of wood and light weight




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