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Tips to take care of eyelashes during and after the make-up

care of eyelashes not really less important compared to care of eyes, utilization of make-up leads to loss or even weakening in lashes, so you must take proper care of eyelashes during as well as after make-up by following these pointers:
• feeding eyelashes while using castor oil is one of the greatest things to feed as well as intensify lashes, and may comb the eyelashes by Mascara Powder clean after a good cleansing every evening before sleeping.
• Make use of good type of Mascara, as well as before you start applying mascara, thoroughly clean the brush of any deposits or deposits utilizing a piece of tissue or even makeup towel.
• Make use of mascara brush horizontally in order to comb the eyelashes from the beginning to the finish before you put mascara.
• Utilize mascara and then wrap the actual parties of lashes for several seconds.
• Utilize the second layer associated with mascara in the same way, but be sure to let the first coating dry to avoid lashes to stick together.
• Make sure using mascara brush within an upright position once the lower eyelashes attract of the eye.
• Make use of an eyelashes brush following putting mascara so lashes are still wet, hair comb the lashes as well as separate them through each other.
• Make sure to eliminate any traces associated with Mascara Powder from the lashes before going to sleep.
• Remove aged mascara completely before applying this again.
• Use a great brand of mascara because it is the fertile environment with regard to bacteria.


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