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Paco Rabanne XS Aftershave Lotion

If you searching for the style and the excellent confidence you need to try the actual XS aftershave product that is offered by Paco Rabanne that’s Launched through the design home of Paco Rabanne within 1993, XS is classed as a rejuvenating, woody, mossy scent. This manly scent is known for a blend of well balanced florals including jasmine, flower, and woodsy walnut. It is ideal for daytime put on because the stimulating freshness and luxury of a product that gently perfumes your skin, tones this and leaves this soft as well as soothed after shaving your face. The ultimate eyesight of manly sensuality. Daring. Strong. A good exploration of the actual unexpected. A serious of the feasible. A bold combination of quality, transparency, sensuous moments and strength , The Top Information mint, cilantro and melon. Middle information: citrus, geranium as well as cedar Foundation notes: sage, walnut moss , Vanilla as well as musk ,so function as the first that own this unique aftershave which come in a clear glass container to show you the actual charming colour of the fluid with an effortlessly open or even black limit in Fifty ml ,Seventy five ml as well as 100 milliliter.

Paco-Rabanne-XS-Aftershave-Lotion Paco-Rabanne-XS-Aftershave-Lotion_1 Paco-Rabanne-XS-Aftershave-Lotion_2 Paco-Rabanne-XS-Aftershave-Lotion_3 Paco-Rabanne-XS-Aftershave-Lotion_4 Paco-Rabanne-XS-Aftershave-Lotion_5 Paco-Rabanne-XS-Aftershave-Lotion_6

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