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Ornamental plants and methods of care – part2

The soils associated with ornamental plants
(flowery Plant)
Among the most essential requirements that must be fulfilled for the growth as well as prosperity of the decorative plants are good dirt that will grow the guarana plant, both inside offices or homes, where different this particular soil on the dirt in gardens as well as fields, which contain unwanted pests and bacteria that may grow under problems of warmth inside the house, and also the these soils might not fit with the atmosphere from the shadows of the homes, so there are unique types of shade vegetation, including:
Soil, garden compost, which consists of grass leaving dry, buried in the earth until the rot after which taken and combined with amounts of silt, sand, by a simple lime as well as fertilizer consisting of nitrogen, phosphate as well as potassium and can be bought soil compost through nurseries or shops grain and eco-friendly fertilizer plant shade and also the soil suited to farming of gardens.
Dirt House Moss which is a man-made soil imported can be purchased in nurseries as well as stores that market supplies for tone plants and is probably the most suitable types of dirt to plant tone it may advantages more than compost as it is lighter in weight, cleaner and help the process of food for that plant is the Home Moss the best soil for that work of new plants of new and when you progress the seedlings up to the more pots of dirt with a basis of Moss Home is working on plant development in the best form because the plant does not like to alter the quality of the dirt.
Soil blending which type of soil is ready from equal levels of silt agricultural land as well as soil as well as Moss Home sand and plant foods and fertilizer phosphate as well as potassium
The quality of the actual soil depends on the kind of the appropriate plant, exactly where ferns require a light permeable soil, such as Moss Home, while the need Albegonya as well as Alviuliet Alberumia and light soil, for example templates House Moss, as well as Alibovorbeat Abbarat The best soil is it consists of sand as well as silt.
Sound rule in order to irrigate plants is cleansing as needed Plants grown in places uncovered need to irrigate much in the summertime Addokulail in the winter, places subjected to the light forces dry out faster than vegetation placed Bomakt shaded, and also the irrigation right would be the arrival of water to some depth full of origins and spread through the size of the tries for a takedown of the plant and also the height there must be general opinion between the shoot as well as root crops as well as for Balqsari and ponds as well as irrigation Alospth is fulfilling bowl of water filled with Agriculture.
There are vegetation needs more drinking water than other vegetation, a large paper paperwork such as dandruff as well as Alolokasia and Alfoger Ksberh well as well as where you need the accessibility to soil moisture on the permanent basis.
It makes sense lack of irrigation drinking water adverse effects of the grow such as wilt the year, particularly in indoor plants delicatessen as well as approved on a line of water in the limbs and leaves, and guide the water shortage being parties to the simply leaves to brown which is happening in such vegetation, strong wood, for example yucca and Alnolana as well as in Algardnaa, as well as the impact of water shortages whenever Tsaqtha yellowing leaves, collapsing and death from the plant if the drinking water shortage for a long time.
Just like the lack of water dangerous plants, increased cleansing is also detrimental towards the plant and perhaps a larger proportion of insufficient irrigation, it may result in making the plant simply leaves brown or light yellow, the same impact resulting from a lack of cleansing water may appear dark brown or yellow as spots on the simply leaves, and falling simply leaves to break the water line due to poor function rooted to the lack of air flow, soil, and result in the growth of Btielllenbat due to mildew the soil soaked with water and therefore injuring some of the origins or most of this particular rot which weakens it is work in the assimilation of water, nutrients, which leads to wilting as well as death of the grow as a result of the dying of the roots tend to be fully the imprisoning lack of oxygen within the water-saturated soil for a long time.
To help keep the plant from harm resulting from the large cleansing must concern the actual conduct of cleansing water basins grown with plants which is very important, it should supply pools appropriate harvesting is the discharge of nicely water for cleansing increased by changing the air, oxygen, dirt, causing a bottleneck roots after which cut the water line Vasfrar or death from the plant.
And can usually distinguish between the the signs of lack of irrigation as well as symptoms of increased cleansing note cards, when the papers dry as well as tend to the color yellow-colored or brown, this particular due to lack of cleansing, but if the leaves are moist or the patches water and tends to colour to brown this a result of increased cleansing.
Addresses the plant, that suffers from a lack of cleansing by giving him drinking water requirements appropriate into it and prefer to proceed to the place of semi-shaded when the sun, while the handled plants, which is affected with increased irrigation to avoid irrigation him therefore completely dry soil as well as transferred to a well-ventilated and may be placed in a sun-drenched place that was not really of shade vegetation and it does not look at the plant should be relocated from one place along with low lighting to some place with a powerful light in a way an unexpected but it is gradually times.

You must make use of seedlings or thoughts began to be grown in pots or even pots before moving to the baskets, so when cultivated placed new plants around the edges associated with pots from the inside very first, with the left towards the flow, and then grown the middle after that, as well as fill the container of Agriculture, very first a layer associated with gravel, then a coating of charcoal as well as sand then a combination of agriculture.
Different mixture of agriculture by kind of plant as follows:
One. Ferns: Requires light permeable soil, Moss House.
Two. Albitjonaa and Alviuliet and Alberumia: Demands light soil, for example templates Moss House.
Three. Abbarat and Alibovorbeat: Requires dirt composed of sand as well as silt, and take into account the have to leave sufficient range for irrigation even going to Avid water on the floor.

Steps to grow the guarana plant in the pot
1. Place a layer associated with gravel in the bottom from the pot and include the amount of the mixture. Farming and lift the guarana plant over the mixture. With the help of a little of the mixture associated with Ajnab to set the plant in the centre.
2. Lower the guarana plant until the roots touch the surface of the mass from the mixture and include the mixture to meet the increasing demand until the surface of the container and add lightly to the surface to set up the plant on Training and the expulsion of atmosphere pockets.
3. Require heavy soil (loam) towards the large amount of water, demands moderate irrigation Moss Home.

How to Plant within the glass beaker
1. Having a layer of fine sand and gravel elevation of 5 centimetres at the bottom with the reductions of cardboard, adding soil depth associated with 10 cm.
Two. The work of a pit for the reception and set the plants utilizing a fork or tea spoon after the delivery hook knitting.
3. Exposed the mass associated with silt around the plant utilizing a knitting needle.
Four. Proved the dirt around the plant while using thread reel associated with needle knitting.
Five. To provide the energy required for the flowers to assist the rise of the fruit juice by adding a tsp of sugar to 1 liter of water or even honey to Ten grams per litre of water.
6. Take away the male genitalia within the flower before it is fertilization, as in Gladiolus as well as both the short-lived.
7. Favors not to put the drinking water deep enough so they won’t cause the retting leg, as well as add chemical preservatives to avoid bacteria, fungi as well as yeast.

One. An irrigation from the baskets hanging through delicate processes as well as critical as it demands careful and not in order to immerse the plant before the Avid water on the ground of the house, and serenity is better to use cell phone when irrigated, flooded pot, preferably made of cable and pottery.
Two. The roots associated with plants need tone to both drinking water and air towards the soil must be delicate and the dew, but not drenched with water, so long as the irrigation mines early in the day or after setting sun and should not be cleansing at all during the mid-day .. Some plants require soil to dried out between irrigations, and some have to be always moist dirt, but all vegetation need a rest time period during the winter, that’s, the irrigation times.
3. For the prickly pear must keep the dirt almost dry during the cold months but most of the vegetation, the paper will have to be soil in the dry to moist must Irrigation constantly from spring in order to autumn in the winter your woman does the dirt to dry prior to irrigation, then dried out the surface soil is essential between October as well as March and is relaxation period for grow growth.
4. The majority of the flowering plants you have to wet the dirt all the time, but are not moist, because the large amount of drinking water affect the roots decay.
Irrigation of vegetation during the leave
Novice plant breeding is affected with the problem of home-care vegetation in the home during the vacations, here are the following suggestions that you might find a solution in order to irrigate the plants personal while you are away from home in excess of two weeks.
1. When you are traveling you can irrigate plants, putting them on a bit of cloth which contains lots of channels of poems, it can retain drinking water and evaporation which may benefit the plants put into pots, plastic and never in the pot pottery, that puts part of the fabric over colation pelvis and also the other half in the bathtub filled with water, exactly where capillary water moves up and bottom from the pot to the dirt within the pots.
Two. Use some tape or even cloth wick following soaked in drinking water before use, exactly where both sides are placed inside a beaker of water and the opposite end touches the surface of the dirt pots.
3. Place some newspapers or even old magazines moist with water in the base of the bathtub, or even put some obstructs of wood or even brick porous, after which fill the bathtub along with water until the center of the cubes or the guidelines of pot which stacked in the bath tub, and stacked containers above, Amin Diniyev said drinking water capillary to the soil containers.
4. You can use the actual plastic bags that don’t prevent the light to pay for the entire plant as well as linked from the best so as not to touch areas of the plant, thus supplying continuous plant dampness.


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