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One piece women’s bathing suits

Are you Ready to go to the beach? it is the summer vacation time. So, you’re lying on the beach, enjoying the water and the sun.  It is very fashionable to wear a different style from the regular swimsuits.

This summer there are two styles of bikinis expected to come back again, “monokinis” which is a one piece swimsuit covers only the lower part of the body leaving the breasts uncovered, which is not suitable for all women.

but we offer here a new style of  “monokinis” covers the breast to let you wear this style without having to be half naked.

The other style is the one piece regular bikini, this style recommended by fashion designers for summer 2012 to hide the body from the harmful sun beam in specific times of the day.

Other reason for wearing one piece swimsuit is to be comfortable while exercising on the beach or playing beach games like beach volley because the one piece bikini holds your beasts tightly and prevent undesirable movement for many women.

This collection of bikinis made of natural fabrics with delightful colors to make you feel happy.

One piece women’s bathing suits









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