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Modern Living Room Storage Organization Ideas

We always need practical storage units in our living rooms because there is a lot of stuff that need to be stored there, but how to keep on the clean look and the minimalist design of the modern style? Here are 20 ideas for storage organizations for modern living rooms. As the minimalist decorating style is based on sharp lines and geometric shapes, we are going to keep on this simplicity in the storage units as well. You can play by geometric shapes in order to create a stylish and practical unit like the one in the first picture in which you can store books, CDs, DVDs…etc. Another nice way is to install some simple shelves; shelves look modern and fashionable and they are flexible to be set in a simple horizontal way or you can make some overlapping shapes. Cubism style looks perfect with minimalist furniture; if you like the cubism style you can apply your storage units in simple cubic shapes on that floor or beautifully hang them on the wall. In this case glossy lacquered finishes would be amazing; it will give the units an attractive shiny look and make them look like a modern peace of art. You can also combine between shelves and many other structures like vertical rectangular units, cubic units and others. If you want your storage units to match well with the minimalist style, don’t use any handles, don’t add any details and keep on the clean and contemporary ambiance of the living room.

Modern-Living-Room-Storage-Organization-Ideas_01 Modern-Living-Room-Storage-Organization-Ideas_02 Modern-Living-Room-Storage-Organization-Ideas_03 Modern-Living-Room-Storage-Organization-Ideas_04 Modern-Living-Room-Storage-Organization-Ideas_05 Modern-Living-Room-Storage-Organization-Ideas_06 Modern-Living-Room-Storage-Organization-Ideas_07 Modern-Living-Room-Storage-Organization-Ideas_08 Modern-Living-Room-Storage-Organization-Ideas_09 Modern-Living-Room-Storage-Organization-Ideas_10 Modern-Living-Room-Storage-Organization-Ideas_11 Modern-Living-Room-Storage-Organization-Ideas_12 Modern-Living-Room-Storage-Organization-Ideas_13 Modern-Living-Room-Storage-Organization-Ideas_14 Modern-Living-Room-Storage-Organization-Ideas_15 Modern-Living-Room-Storage-Organization-Ideas_16 Modern-Living-Room-Storage-Organization-Ideas_17 Modern-Living-Room-Storage-Organization-Ideas_18 Modern-Living-Room-Storage-Organization-Ideas_19

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