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Modern Bathroom Furniture With Storage Cabinets from Cosmic

Cosmic company that is known through its contemporary bathroom items is showing two brand new bathroom furnishings collections known as -Flow and Soft-; both of them are having the exact same characteristics what are simple minimal designs and also the functional mathematical shapes. Styles are based on directly lines, quite simple forms as well as few components. The selections include a number of cabinets, kitchen sinks, taps as well as mirrors. Just about all products are seen as a the simple as well as modern design with no particulars. The cabinets tend to be beautiful using their subtle styles, but similarly functional having a big space for storing and built-in kitchen sinks. All cupboards are with out handles in addition to mirrors that are without structures to suit the current style. Cupboards are available in a number of finishes such as black, whitened, glossy dark, white as well as off-white lacquered also grey and walnut. Those cupboards have an additional advantage; you can have all of them in any dimension you want, to allow them to fit in a little bathroom effortlessly and allow you to definitely benefit from their own functionality as well as

stylish contemporary look. flow-minimalist-functional-bathroom-furniture-1-554x690 flow-minimalist-functional-bathroom-furniture-2-554x782 flow-minimalist-functional-bathroom-furniture-3-554x690 flow-minimalist-functional-bathroom-furniture-4-554x691 flow-minimalist-functional-bathroom-furniture-5-554x690 flow-minimalist-functional-bathroom-furniture-6-554x690 flow-minimalist-functional-bathroom-furniture-7-554x782 soft-minimalist-functional-bathroom-furniture-1-554x666 soft-minimalist-functional-bathroom-furniture-2-554x788 soft-minimalist-functional-bathroom-furniture-4-554x801 soft-minimalist-functional-bathroom-furniture-7-554x666

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