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How To Apply Red Lips

This tutorial is made to walk you through, step-by-step, how to produce those crisp, red-colored lips

Start with uncovered lips. (Mine possess a touch of basis from applying it in order to my face, however this is not an issue, because you’ll see in the next action.)

Using the 194, apply a coating of foundation on your lips. Alternatively, you could utilize Urban Decay’s Primer Concoction or MAC’s Lip Remove (PRO product). The reason is to neutralize your own lips and reduce skin discoloration and undertones.

Your mouth should resemble something similar to this.

Using the 316, get a generous quantity of Viva Glam I lip stick and begin applying it towards the bow of your top.

Using the 316, you want to collection your lips using the lipstick itself, before you apply it all over the mouth. Alternatively, you could use an identical lip liner (Red-colored Enriched cremestick liner is actually my recommendation) to obtain a cleaner line or added bleed avoidance if your lips tend to bleed.

This is how your own upper lip ought to appear.

Now, make use of the same technique to collection the bottom of your reduce lip.

Since we’re using the same lipstick in order to fill in the mouth, perfection is not crucial! It doesn’t have to be a precise line.

It’s time to complete your lips. Maintain brushing the 316 from the lipstick itself after which apply the color amply to your bottom as well as upper lips.
Maintain repeating the process before you get to the desired degree of redness. It will begin as a light to medium red and get darker, ultimately to the truest red-colored that you see in the lipstick itself.

Following several applications, your own lips should have one like this.

Here is the last version.













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