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how do you get thyroid disease

every one ask about how can you get thyroid illness ?? so we have to explane every thing about this disease


Area and shape of the actual gland and encircling tissue
A small human gland at the top of the throat around the larynx, trachea and connected by a couple of glands Parathyroid the actual competent organization associated with calcium in the bloodstream, how many passes from at the rear of the thyroid gland Aspen extremely important nourish the expressive cords in the neck on both and hurt one of them in the process associated with eradication leads to Substantial change in voice as well as wounding both result in an inability to inhale and installation of pipe in the trachea (albeit unusual with any doctor experienced in the process).

When the injured newborn sleepiness in the thyroid gland had been detected in the early days associated with birth and handles by giving thyroid hormonal to compensate for the elevated dwarf be retarded not develop naturally muscular, psychological or sexual can’t be treated in the future, consequently, in all developed countries occur and functions of the human gland on all births (Within Egypt, the condition for that work of the certification of birth to become born had the required analysis of the functions from the gland), while in the event that he found out the actual defect and had been treated in the early days associated with retina born naturally which example suggests that existence cannot be upright normally without gland or even hormone, it is in charge of all energy procedures in all tissues as well as increased secretions ignites the body uses up energy in useless and if they turn out to be inactive and failed to operate and weakened the power and energy, increased fat, weakened all the work

Hyperactivity of the thyroid gland (Excessive thyroid Hyperthyroidism) Signs and symptoms vary from case to case based on the severity of the condition as well as age of the patient and also the following symptoms tend to be severe and the scenario is not necessary that all trouble all cases

Skin: our prime temperature – constant red and constant increase in the competition – an increase in colors palm of feet and hands Hair: Thin, sleek and without facial lines and has a high drop easily

Nails develop very quickly and easily gather dirt underneath had been decomposed and separated in the fingers

The heart as well as blood vessels: high speed within the pulse – common weakness and trouble in breathing — The Big Read through high blood pressure – inflammation of the legs — chest pain – signs and symptoms and decline within heart muscle within severe cases as well as frequency in the ear.

Gastrointestinal: appetite is extremely large, however the insufficient weight – looseness of the bowels

Reproductive system: the death of the menstrual cycle or even weakness – the actual weakness and trouble having children — After the birth 8% create inflammation of the thyroid and appears with an rise in thyroid activity associated with 6-12 week followed by the gland in the nonproductive of 12-14 a week.

Mental and mental standing: severe nerve — a sense of loss of control — the inability to relax as well as rest – the sensation that the patient is actually on the brink associated with explosion – through panic attacks and problems with difficulty within sleeping.

Muscles and also the locomotors system: muscle weak point – shivering continued within the hand (and can end up being tested and an person hand fingers and set paper on the back again of the hand as well as shown here using the tremors shaking the document)

Eye: Overview looking look – the actual withdrawal of the eye lid and the high top — a sense of sand within the eye – discomfort, redness and holes eye

Swelling from the thyroid gland

(Ultrasound examination decides the type of the disease and for that reason treatment)

Either the gland is inflamed slightly without the existence of nodules or protrusions or blisters within the disease Graves (and requires medical treatment with anti-thyroid the body’s hormones and “andral” for a 12 months or year . 5 may return human gland for normal procedure) and can be given radioactive iodine treatments, no trouble in continuing the job of analysis to regulate the dose (monthly).

swelling larger than by using the presence of vesicles or protrusions or nodules in the thyroid gland hyper-function (Disease Plummer), which do not react to medical treatment and need in order to eradicate the doctors of the gland following controlling for work and is not recommended radioactive iodine inside it only if the general wellness situation is very poor not allow surgical treatment

advises surveyed levels for the work to use whatever part of the gland is actually active and in the situation of a specific a part of an active can be eliminated and the preservation from the rest of the thyroid gland and therefore maintain the function with no need to treat hormonal compensatory life out of the box the case in the case of total removal.


Bulging eye appears only within Graves’ disease may improve after treatment along with radioactive iodine is not recommended using radioactive iodine with the course or even the use of cortisone pre and post treatment with radioactive iodine




Medicines increase the secretion associated with anti-thyroid gland


A pharmaceutical drug inhibitor of the function of the thyroid gland that’s, they reduce the function of the active thyroid and prevent the produce and the hormones released ”Nyumirkasul “
, Which is the active component in medicine and it is used in the Ough.S. “methimazole” in United states only the United ”Carbimazole” Fifty in most cases
Not be utilized during pregnancy, preparation for that possibility of the occasions of birth flaws in an unborn baby tend to be rare conditions you need to read how do you obtain thyroid disease ….


Propylthyouracil-Thyrocil 10-PTU and it is used in cases associated with increased secretion from the thyroid gland during pregnancy — or during the surprise increased activity from the thyroid gland and hrs of work after providing him


All thyroid gland drugs need healthcare supervision


Or on the occurrence of severe negative effects such as “Nyumirkasul” its impact on blood cells


Therapy with radioactive iodine 131 is not suggested in young age moms or owners of young children or who want to possess children during a couple of years


Note: inflammation from the gland may lead to splilling of thyroid the body’s hormones, a symptom of an over active gland and finding scan peaks high is a drop within sniper iodine contrast too much using the increase in sniper Iodine is the key in order to diagnosis and in this example, we recommend dealing with the symptoms follow-up as well as Andral only, without inhibitors human gland because it is a temporary scenario and lead to nonproductive in the end.


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