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easy and quick ways to lose weight fast

Trendy EVE  reveals to you quick and fast ways to lose weight  and discover the most important nine secrets to help you lose weight quickly, without suffering from diets harsh, and although it simple ways,and the results are amazing .


1 – Replace fried potatoes with mashed potatoes or boiled.

you need to leave some of the wrong eating habits and replace it with another healthy food rich in values, and the first of these habits are to replace fried potatoes with mashed potatoes or boiled. because eating side dishes consisting to reduce the size of the fat gained in the body. to speed up the process of weight loss.


2 – drink low calories juices before eating:

yogurt mixed with milk or orange juice or fresh fruit low in calories. drinks before eating your meals to be the main meal is like a light snack between meals. These drinks will give you a quick sense of satiety.


3 – Reduce sauces and creams: avoid eating different foods with a special sauce to open the appetite, which is usually composed of fatty cream. And replace it with salad with apple vinegar, and you can put chili or  a teaspoon of mayonnaise on the salad as an option for additional flavor .


4 – Shrimps with chili sauce : if you like to eat a good meal and same time will help you burn fats. Here’s the recipe: – Mix steamed or boiled shrimps with hot chili in a bowl, then add coriander and spices.


5 – custard and fruits: Lose weight without depriving From eating sweets so you can eat custard with fruits .for example 100 grams of custard containing less than 100 calories. You can also make your custard dish rich in vitamins with fresh fruit cuts instead of eating cookies.


6 – Secrets of whole grains: When buying canned foods make sure to read the instructions on the packaging, to make sure they are made from whole grains.



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