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Dinner ideas for vegetarians

The dinner of the most important meal after a long day of work or study and the preparation of dinner should keep in mind that the dinner is light at the same time rich in vitamins and proteins, ie it must contain all the nutrients. And would put some ideas for dinners at the same time fit with all family members, some of these ideas to you the following:

– Vegetable fried rice with roasted almonds and hazelnuts.
– Burger grilled with soy sauce with spicy potato salad with crisp vegetables.
– Zucchini with fresh skim milk with cheddar cheese. Oats with sliced ​​bread.
– Pasta with steamed vegetables with nuts.
– The vegetable pizza with pepper sauce .
– Black fried eggplant and add to sauce composed of vinegar, garlic, water, salt, black pepper and also added to milk
– Peas with carrots and peas is a tide cooked with onions, garlic, tomatoes, cumin and coriander, dry, salt and black pepper

these is the best dinner ideas for vegetarians
Complete dinner ideas, simple and rich in vitamins, protein, and the taste of fun (I wish you a pleasant dinner)










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