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dandruff home treatment

You can treat dandruff at  home  with simple and easy ways

What is the correct way to get rid of dandruff, so I offer you my dear a list of best natural mixes for  dandruff  treatments

1- Mix olive oil and almond oil for the treatment of dandruff:
Put amount of olive oil with almond oil and massage your hair with this mixture, leave the mixture on the hair for 5 minutes, then wash the hair after it, if you feel a burning sensation in the scalp do not worry This mixture helps to get rid of dandruff

2- Beetroot and henna Mix to get rid of dandruff:
Mix the beetroot with henna paste and place it on the hair, beetroot and henna mix help to prevent the emergence of dandruff and helps strengthen hair and prevent hair loss

3- milk and Amla oil Mix  for healthy hair without the crust:
Mix the milk  and oil with a small amount of lemon juice, then put this mixture on the hair before going to sleep, help to cure dandruff



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