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Chocolate Mousse Cake Recipe

150 grams of egg yolk
2 tsp of vanilla
150 grams of sugar
250ml of milk
200 grams of whole milk chocolate
300 grams with dark chocolate
400 milliliter of to whip cream
Method of Preparation
1 – two types of dissolved chocolates in a bath of hot water.
2 – Beat egg yolks, vanilla flavor and sugars collectively center of the blend is light and the Crimea.
3 – Steam the whole milk, and then add 1 / 2 to egg yolk blend.
4 – Beat the mixture nicely till it gets smooth, and then placed back in the container and complete cooking food with medium heating until the froth vanishes and the blend is heavy. Cold a bit.
5 – Scoop some kind of a mixture of British chocolates melted and failed.
6 – Put the remaining quantity of the valuable British chocolates, and even mix the Cool blend totally over a dish of cold water.
7 – Add the cream and chocolates blend, Improvement as preferred.
Strawberries ,Purple fruit, Orange, White chocolates, Dark chocolates, whole milk Whipping cream.



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