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Bedroom design ideas

Here are some bedroom design ideas from interior design experts

– The most important element is the choice of bedroom location overlooking the garden or street, so we create an extension to the outside gives a visual sense of place and the wide-openness.
– After selecting the location, you can start to deal with defects

That would affect the feeling of comfort, such as placing a large mirror behind the bed to disguise its small space and give a sense of freedom and departure, knowing that it is possible to add lighting units quiet on the sides, as well as hiding any defects in the wall panel art eye-pleasing colors… And so on.
– Decorate and furnish your bedroom with the lifestyle nature of your personality, and therefore select a classic or a modern style, you must be very careful to choose the place where you rest your body and rid it of back pain and arthritis that you can exposed as a result of poor mattress.
– (Mosquito net) one of the things that give special beauty on the bed it was invented out of date, as its name implies, the function of the it is to prevent mosquitoes from disturbing the sleeper, and after the emergence of alternatives it has remained folk us back to the atmosphere of a thousand and one nights, if you want to add a romantic touch for your bed room create a corner full of flowers and use light colors , if you want it classic use dark colors and beige painting.
– Bedroom furniture is not as important as the decoration itself; it is a key factor for the complete beauty of the room, so it must be harmonious with the rest of the elements. Preferably single color painting like the white color, cyan, cream, taking into consideration whether it is a modern style room decoration, or Western style, Or it can merge between the classical and modern, especially in the blankets and upholstery; because it can be easily changed, as a sort of renewal in the general shape of the room.
– Curtains are important elements of the elegance of the bedroom, , and as I said inscriptions was comfortable to the eye, as well as the suspension of curtains at the highest point in the wall and the non-compliance with the limits of the window contributes to the added height and placebo for rooms with low ceiling.
– If the room is very wide, you can add a «bamboo» and pieces of handmade carpets; this would make it more comfortable.
– take care of lights, the dark colors have a significant role in solving some design problems; The room-length excess be uncomfortable to the eye, and to overcome it the wall can be painted dark colors such as gray or indigo blue, and there are other decoration tricks such as wallpaper paste, the chart lengthwise with the addition of lighting make the room as part of Palace,

– room accessories and special units Preferably changed from time to time, you can put printed placemats with flowers in spring, in fall and winter put warm colored mats.

– Aromatherapy candles and scents of the best perfume has a great role in making the room an oasis of comfort, this should not be generous with the distinctive odor; they actually affect us the psychologically, and improve mood if you mix natural flowers and vanilla.
– Shelves are the perfect solution to add some accessories and beautiful images in the small bedroom.

Choose Colors of Bedroom:
– The red color to raise the attention centers in the brain; it increases alertness and motivation, and therefore suitable for those who feel sluggish.

– I would prefer not to use yellow in bedrooms; because it is the color of the sun and the urge to wake up activity and sleeping with it is almost impossible, but it is adequate for the classroom.

– Emerald Green extends dynamic self, especially if mixed with white, this mix help to feel comfortable, I prefer to mix with other colors such as green or emerald beige cream.

– Pink symbolizes femininity and tenderness and gives a sense of confidence and compassion, especially in girls’ bedrooms.

– Blue is one of the best colors for bedrooms; because it raises morale and makes it a sense of comfort and relaxation, preferably used in the rooms of people who suffer from insomnia and nightmares. In the tropics prefer to use degrees of turquoise ice, which gives a feeling of cold and reflect heat in the same time, and decreases tension.

Bedroom design ideas

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