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Amanda Seyfried’s Hair Style-part2

This hairstyle is suitable for the long blond hair to get it Follow these steps
1. you Should brush your hair once you get out of the bathroom and hair is still wet.
2. Apply an appropriate cream to moisturize the hair and use a cool hair dryer with a brush for long hair(preferably brush wa capacity)
3. move brush hairline until the parties bearing in mind that the parties in front of your shoulder
4. Use a round brush to get wrapped on the outskirts of this form

Amanda Seyfried’s Chic, Straight, Layered, Blonde Hairstyle looks so attractive and sexy. See how to get it:
1. start by parting your hair down the center.
2. Apply Moisturising cream to damp hair from root to tip, and comb it through to distribute the product well.
3. Separate your hair in half horizontally. Start by cool-drying the bottom layers of your hair — wrap 2-inch sections of hair around a large round brush to create volume as you dry.
4. Then blow dry the top section of hair, Using the round brush, curve the ends of your hair to define your layers.
5. Once your hair is dry, apply a bit of shine serum to your hands and run them over your hair to fix hair parties.

this elegant great look. taken from celebrity stylist Charles Baker Strahan:
how to apply this look
1. Create a side part and apply a mid amount of gel spray for dry hair, to make it smooth.
2. divide your hair into two low parts on each side of the head, and close to each other.
3. Put some gel on your fingers and two parts wind around each other, and wrap the roots of dowry.
4. Attach the ends down with hair pins, leaving the few stray bits hanging.
5. Set the look with hairspray to hold your hair.

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